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Hopefully it will also help me get better at mixing too, because otherwise Inevitably, any title that explores this subject must cover ground that's been gone over countless times by other writers, and all the usual themes are covered here: setting up your listening environment, understanding how EQ, compression and reverb work, how stereo sound works, demystifying decibels, appreciating gain structure when moving between the analogue and digital worlds, and so forth. Partly that's because you get the impression that he has thought long and hard about how he wants to convey this information, but also because he makes great use of simple analogies and clear, colour diagrams to get his points across.

All in all, then, Mixing With Impact 's pages are packed with useful ideas, up-to-date, well-marshalled information, and great conceptual explanations backed up with lots of useful diagrams. It should help anyone with an open mind, be they seasoned pros or aspiring engineers taking their first tentative steps into the world of mixing, to reflect on and improve their own way of working.

So it's not a step-by-step guide, not really for beginners, I would advise this for more advanced producers, somebody who has the basics down. So, if that's you then definitely check this out. That said, beginners, you can definitely learn from it, you'll find something in there that will help you, but a lot of it will, I think, just fly over the head of somebody who's just starting out.

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I think it's much better to, if you're starting out, get a book that teaches you all the basics and get your head around all the fundamental information that you need to know in order to work the gear, and then get some experience on your gear. Later on, when you've produced a few tracks, and you want to expand and you want to get better, then this book is definitely something you should check out.

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There is this great story told by Jeff Powell in the book that I'd just like to include for you. He was working with a band called Neighbourhood Texture Jam and they basically needed this loud noise in one part of the song, and what they decided to do is take a very cheap Fender guitar and string it up with low E strings. So, they had six low E strings on this Fender, and they put the Fender up on a stand, and they ran it through a Marshall head, and they turned everything up to eleven. And then what they did is they took a weed-eater, you know those edge-trimming garden tools, weed-eaters, and they put that up on a stand, and basically at the right moment of the song they switched on the weed-eater and let the trimmer run over the strings.

This produced eight seconds of the most wonderful noise, which was perfect for what they wanted, and then the strings snapped, and the whole thing just blew up. So, all that work and they got eight seconds of exactly what they wanted.

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That just kind of gives to me that whole spirit of getting the sound that you want and being creative and being experimental. Now, not all the stories are just funny anecdotes, you'll find really great techniques and gear discussed in the book, as I said. So it's definitely a lot of information that you can practically apply, but also information that it's going to make you think a little bit about how you approach music production, and a little bit more of the deeper stuff, so to speak.

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