Nutrient Reduction and Biomanipulation as Tools to Improve Water Quality: The Lake Ringsjön Story

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Added to Cart. Gulati, Ramesh D. This work presents the state of the art of aquatic and semi-aquatic ecological restoration projects in The Netherlands. Starting from the conceptual basis of restoration ecology, the successes and failures of hundreds of restoration projects are described.

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Numerous successful projects are mentioned. In general ecological restoration endeavours greatly benefit from the progressive experience achieved in the course of the years. Failures mainly occur through insufficient application of physical, chemical or ecological principles. Spontaneous colonization by plants and animals, following habitat reconstruction, is preferred.

However, sometimes the re-introduction o.. Padisak, Judit. The ecology of potamoplankton has received less attention than lake plankton.

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These proceedings produce a synthesis of the composition, community structure and dynamics of lotic phytoplankton, which are intuitively submitted to a strong physical control in the flowing environment, perceived as much more disturbed' than a lake, even than a well-mixed shallow one. It turns out that the boundary between the phytoplankton of rivers and lakes is not as clear-cut as was thought.

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In particular, most contributions provide arguments emphasizing the prominent role of physical control in both aquatic systems, especially due to the steep light gradient resulting from turbu.. Golterman, Han L. Petersburg, Russia,. This volume provides a refereed selection of the proceedings of the 31st European Marine Biology Symposium, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September State-of-the-art reviews and studies on adaptational processes in marine organisms such as adaptations to fluctuations in salinity, temperature, oxygen and pollutants which are reflected in different types of ecophysiological responses and interactions of marine organisms, including predation, parasitism, intraspecific competition and epibiosys were presented at the symposium proceedings.

Kuosa, H. The PELAG Symposium Proceedings provides the reader with the latest advances in the study of planktonic cycling of matter and energy, placing a strong emphasis on the effects of eutrophication on these processes. This book covers a wide range of topics in the field, including: ul li Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton growth li li Nutrient cycles in the planktonic food web li li DOM sources, composition, and uptake li li Resource limitation vs.

The volume focuses on the ecological functioning of rivers, which has received less attention than functioning of lakes and reservoirs. The selected papers cover a large range of topics relating to aquatic communities, eutrophication, nutrient dynamics and organic pollution, erosion and sediment transport, and fate of micropollutants at the basin scale.

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Integrated approaches developed in order to study the ecological functioning of fluvial systems perturbed by human activity are presented. This functioning is analysed from the point of view of fundamental research, but insights into system management are not neglected. Tundisi, J. Duncan, A. The volume starts with comparative reservoir limnology and deals with problems relating to tropical, semi-arid and temperate reservoirs.

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The second part concerns mathematical models of reservoirs, including new techniques for investigating their limnology. These cover physical, chemical and biological phenomena, remote sensing and the use of modelling to establish the most efficient strategy for water quality sampling. In the third, on reservoir water quality management, the potential available in fish population management for biomanipulation of reservoir water quality is introduced. Also included is a valuable section on a wide range of water quality measures,..

Biogeography of Freshwater Algae. This book is based on a workshop on biogeography of freshwater algae held during the Fifth International Phycological Congress in China A group of outstanding specialists covering widely different approaches to the subject have been brought together, and this collection of their contributions forms a unique volume: there is no other book on the subject. admin