Making Pictures in Stone: American Indian Rock Art of the Northeast

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Lenik introduces a pioneer rock art recorder, Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College from to Stiles was the first to record rock art sites such as Dighton Rock. George Washington is also a source of observations and comments on Native American rock art and carvings. Chapters on culturally altered trees and landscapes in myth and legend expand the concept of rock art and address the issue of the comparative paucity of Northeastern rock art versus the wealth of Southwestern rock art in North America.

The reader is invited to consider the images, their locations and their significance.

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Professional archaeologists will find this volume a welcome addition to their bookshelves and everyone who always wanted to be an archaeologist will enjoy reading about sites and objects to be found in the Northeast. Lenik is an active regional archaeologist who has investigated many historic and prehistoric sites in northern New Jersey, and southeastern New York. Post a Comment. No comments:. Selected Books and Publications General The following references are overviews of Native American rock art in the Eastern United States, but some are also continental in their coverage. Annotations follow each reference.

Regional The following books will be useful to anyone seeking more detailed information about rock art within a particular geographic area of the Eastern United States. Although not a complete list, the following books are either in print or are relatively easy to obtain. Click here for our newsletter archives. Recent Posts. Wellmann, Klaus F.

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Akademische Druck - u. Verlansanstalt, Graz - Austria. ISBN: Wellmann's work is probably the single best place to begin a study of rock art in the Eastern Woodlands. The illustrations are seldom matched even by today's standards, and the range of site coverage is astounding.

Making Pictures in Stone: American Indian Rock Art of the Northeast

The bibliography is a wonderful guide to the literature, particularly on the earliest accounts. Wellmann's keen observation and depth of perception will stimulate thought for time to come. Unfortunately, this monumental work is a rare book, and can be somewhat difficult to obtain. However, you still may be able to get a copy through inter-library loan.

This volume explores how prehistoric and historic peoples utilized caves as a means to further their economic growth and represent cultural values within their societies.


The 14 articles range in topic from early gypsum mining to rare American Indian cave art, from historic saltpeter extraction to current archaeobotanical and paleofecal research. The contributors in this volume contend that studies of deep zone caves yield multiple insights into values, beliefs, and cultural lifeways of ancient and historic peoples. Pennsylvania Archaeologist, 62 1 For the eastern United States, Swauger's overview is contemporary and thorough.

His summary reviews the history of research and provides an extensive bibliography. This early study is fascinating in its presentation of "thick description. Many of his interpretations are still relevant to current theoretical discussion. In addition, you will find information about rock art sites that were not repeated in his later report, Picture-writing of the American Indians.

Dover Publications, Inc. They also contain a wealth of ethnographic information on the significance of art.

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  8. The organization of the text makes it easy to locate areas by state. It is well worth your review. Vistabooks, Dillon, Colorado. ISBN: This book remains a true classic in the study of prehistoric rock art in the eastern United States, and so this facsimile of the original printing retains an important role in the literature. Grant's work is a great place to start and to return.

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    This book can be found in almost any library. The volume offers contemporary perspectives from 12 scholars working in the Eastern U. Box , Phoenix AZ Duncan, with contributions from Daniel Arsenault, Mary R.

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    McCorvie, Johannes H. Loubser, James R. Simek, Steven R. Ahler, Mark J. Wagner, Fred E. Coy Jr, etc. This book brings together 20 papers from recent research at sites in eastern North America, where humidity and the actions of weather, including acid rain, can be very damaging over time. Contributors to this volume range from professional archaeologists and art historians to avocational archaeologists, including a surgeon, a lawyer, two photographers, and an aerospace engineer.

    Discussions of the significance of artist gender, the relationship of rock-art to mortuary caves, and the suggestive link to the peopling of the continent are particularly notable contributions.

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    Discussions include the history, ethnography, recording methods, dating, and analysis of the subject sites and integrate these with the known archaeological data. Alabama's Aboriginal Rock Art. Alabama Historical Commission, Montgomery. This book provides short desriptions, photographs, and sketches of 18 sites in northern Alabama and interprets their age, cultural affiliation, and possible significance. Most of the art is found in proximity to the Tennessee River valley.

    This classic study is essential to anyone interested in southeastern Native American rock art. Bozhardt, 94 pages, Prairie Smoke Press, St. Paul, Minnesota, The beautiful river valleys and bluffs of Southwestern Wisconsin have been home to various cultures for millennia, some of whom have left their marks in the caves and rock shelters that line this vast unglaciated drainage.

    Deep Cave Rock Art in the Upper Mississippi Valley is the story of the discovery, protection, and recording of two of these ancient rock art sites which form the largest concentration of petroglyphs and pictographs in the region. Boszhardt's work is an important chapter in the state's continuing effort to promote and protect the collective cultural history of all of her peoples. This fully-illustrated book makes available to both the professional archaeologist and the general public all of the current research being done in these caves, treating the reader to a compelling mystery whose solution involves archaeology as well as Native American traditional knowledge.

    Rock art was believed to be almost nonexistent in South Carolina until the s, when several randomly discovered petroglyphs were reported in the upstate. These discoveries set in motion the first organized endeavor to identify and document these ancient examples of human expression in South Carolina.

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    Over the ensuing years, and assisted by a host of volunteers and avocational collectors, Charles has scoured the Piedmont and mountains of South Carolina in search of additional rock art. These survey efforts have led to the discovery of rock art created by Native Americans and Europeans. This engrossing account of the search for South Carolina's rock art brings awareness to the precarious state of these artifacts, threatened not only by natural attrition but also by human activities.

    Kidd, pages, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, This book describes in word and illustration the results of an exciting quest by the authors to discover and record the Indian rock paintings of Northern Ontario and Minnesota. Numerous drawings were made from pictographs at over sites. Selwyn Dewdney traveled many thousands of miles by canoe to make the drawings of the pictographs which illustrate this book.