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How to get people to do things your way. Around the World with Money. Sex With Your Hex. Recommend Documents. Finding Your Dollar Bill Origami Doll's House with Origami The whole incident has been fascinating to say the least. There was plenty of doing the right thing by every one involved and I feel blessed to have been part of it.

Last year I was pumping gas one morning during a downpour and noticed a bunch of scratcher tickets on the ground. I debated turning them in, but did not want to run through the rain just before work to do so, so I tossed them in my car and went on my way. If those tickets had been lost with something with a name on it, though, there is so way I would have kept them.

And returning the IDs and not the other stuff found with it feels really sleazy. I would have much preferred to have had the opportunity to offer the person a reward for getting the cards and license back to me. Kept it. At work, we have found a lot of money, and it is all taped up to an office door. Nobody claimed it. We should probably buy donuts. When I was 17, I used to read the lost and found in the paper for fun. My mom was a bank teller. She came home from work one day and said that someone lost money that week and someone else found it and turned it in to the bank it was in a bank envelope.

She looked at me like I was crazy. With some time to kill, I admired a tooled leather purse at a flea market booth one December Saturday when my kids were small and my car was being repaired. Doing what all women do, I looked inside: a white hanky, black pen, and a wad of folded money were inside. I had a little more money for Christmas gifts that year! I have found money on more than one occasion, over the years. I went to the service desk and asked if anyone had reported losing money. When they said no, I kept it. Same thing happened at work. I took it to my supervisor, and they said if no one reported it within 10 days, I would get it.

And 10 days later, they gave me the money. A young man in line claimed it. I once found a purse in a shopping cart outside the Target. Packed for a vacation! The police came and took the purse back to its owner. I have never found any bills lying in the ground ever. I found a couple of coins though. Last summer, my family and I were on a bike ride on a gravel path. I jumped off my bike and I think my wife thought I was having a medical emergency or something. It was a 20 dollar bill. We absolutely did the right thing in this case.

I had no qualms keeping my half. Though Trader Joes gave me an additional three bottles of wine accidentally a few months back. I took them back to the store. I like to always at least try when I find lost anything. The big problem with trying to return lost money I found in a crowded public place is that everyone is going to try to claim that it was originally theirs.

I think the same way you do, Len. I looked up, and the first thing I saw was the Salvation Army bucket. So I put it in there. So we decided to put it on her personal savings. I ran over and picked up a folded bill and yelled after him hey mister you dropped something g. He turned and snarled at me to leave him the bleeping bleep alone and left fast.

When we realized it was so much he was long gone. Now my question is, in this scenario can I get fired for my actions? I pocketed it. The complex I live at is expensive enough that whoever dropped it could probably make it back in a day. I turned it in to my manager.

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I was told today that they were giving me an award certificate for being honest and they will give me part of the money and the company will keep the rest to use for employee parties. If I had kept the money and gotten caught, I would have been fired. If I had turned the money over to the police and no one claimed the money, I would have been given all of it.

That stinks. I think it is wrong for the company to keep any portion of the money. You found it and turned it in in good faith. One good turn deserves another. After thinking about it for a week, I returned the money. I see allot of Excuses being made for ones selves reading through these comments and that is a sure fire sign your probably knowingly doing something wrong and having to justify your own actions.

I went in and gave the money to one of the bank folk, taking care to get their name. About a week later I went in to see if it had been collected. I was told some young folk had collected it, very relieved and thankful that someone had been honest enough not to keep it. The bank person who told me this was not the same one I actually gave the money to either. He had dropped some change, bent over and grabbed it thinking he dropped some paper money as well.

I called the store and no one had called or came by to claim any lost money.

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So is it wrong to keep it. Should he return to store anyway? Being a good Samaritian, turned the money over to a manager. A week later, I asked what they would do if no one claimed the money. I was told they would keep the money. Well, if I knew Target would pocket the money, I would have just kept it for myself!

If nobody claims it, Target should give the money to you. I was walking in the parking lot at my place of employment and saw a couple crumpled bills on the ground. I quickly picked them up and put them in my pocket. I looked at the bills and it was a total of six dollars. Few weeks ago I found a credit card on the ground so I called the credit card company and they were shocked that someone would call a report a found card.

About a week later my husband lost his credit card. Thank The Lord he found it in the parking lot at his gym. Decided it was lost no one would turn it in and my fault for losing it. So I thought to myself no one else was around what do I do to find the owner or did I do enough? I waited for an hour — until my 2nd grader came home from school — to take it to the police. But it very much made me second guess myself: If really nobody expects me to turn it in, then why am I? In the end an owner was supposedly found. I ended up knowing, indirectly, who it belonged to and they, in turn, should have known, indirectly who found it.

But I never so much as receive acknowledgement. Just seems weird, honestly, not to receive any considering the value of the object. He was very mesmerized by the whole thing. Regarding the Walmart customer who left an envelope of cash in the shoe dept, why did they not put it in their purse or pocket? How does anyone know that if the money is turned into the customer service desk, it gets returned to the owner? If there is no ID, I would keep it. Those are fair questions to ask, Kathy. Perhaps the person took the envelope out their purse or wallet while rummaging through it for something else?

Less than ten dollars with no one around, i would just keep it. Around twenty, if no one looking, I give to a charity. More, Put found ad in paper or take to police, depending on where I am. In some parts of the world, the police would claim it without looking for an owner. Every situation is different. Personally, Id keep any found money unless it is was obvious whod lost it. The kid looked at me in a surprised manner and promised to take it to security. Till this day I believe he just spent this money. Those who live in the US, an alternative to going to the police is to drop a found purse or wallet into a u.

Sat on a bench near where I found it for awhile. Nobody came looking. It was Christmas time so I donated it to charity. And I did take the tax deduction. First of all, some of you are thieves. Shame on you. If someone lost money, you should try to return it. My elderly mother left her purse in the shopping cart after putting groceries in her trunk.

A bagger had found the purse and turned it in. The money was gone. When she realized it had been taken and looked up, the customer service lady caught her eye and quickly turned away. My wife and I once found a checkbook in a booth at Wendys that had some cash inside. We immediately turned it in to the manager. By the look of the couple this was probably their rent money or a sizable portion of their net worth. I split it with the co-worker with no regrets. I was going to turn it in at the convenience store there but decided who ever I handed it to would probably pocket it anyway so I kept it.

I was about 18 at the time and had gotten dirty helping babysit kids at the fair. He cussed at me, said leave me alone etc. Later reached for that dollar to pay for a drink- it was a hundred. We decided Mr. Nasty deserved to lose his hundred. Wonder if he ever realized it was his own fault he lost it? It was obviously a college student, so I put it in an envelope and mailed it to the address on the driver license. You also have to consider the sense of theft itself. The government finds no remorse in stealing from the taxpayers.

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Politicians find no remorse or find it illegal to steal from their constituents. Employers have no remorse or consideration for the employees they affect when they steal from employees. So I say………. I currently hold her position. Under the desk theres a large container thats constantly in my feet space but 9 months ive ignored it. Until today. This whole time ive had a gallon water jug wrapped in a trashbag full of money at my feetertips. Havent told anyone at the office. Is this wrong? I literally found dollars in a booth at where I work. I was bussing the table. I saw it was a wad of cash which had at least 2 s and 2 50s.

First I asked the servers if they dropped their tip pool. When I got a no from them I turned it into my manager. It was part of a Hispanic couples rent money. I feel bad because there is a tiny selfish part of me that wishes I kept it. What Im about to say is not technically morally right but just hear me out ok. In my honest opinion, I think its idiotic to find a large sum of money and then not keep it.

In this world its still survival of the fittest. Sure its not prehistoric levels of survival of the fittest but when it comes to having a livelihood in which you have a nice house with possibly a nice family as well, you need all the help you can get. Sure if your already a wealthy person then go ahead and return that money but if your a middle to low class citizen, then taking the risk of returning a large sum of money even though you dont know that youll be compensated for it is not at all worth it.

Ive got a family to feed, a mortgage to pay and so on. And sure Im not considering the idea that the money Im keeping could really help out whoever lost it, but honestly you should take into account yourself before others. Sure being nice pays off sometimes but at the end of the day nice guys finish last. And sure when I was growing up I hated the idea that that phrase was even remotely true but the cold hard fact about life is that you are one individual in a world full of millions of other individuals who are all fighting to survive for as long as possible the same way that you are.

We all die alone and thats a tough pill to swallow. But before you die you should make choices that either benefit you and your family a lot more then making choices that benefit somebody else. Odds are of if you lost money whoever finds it will most likely keep it so do yourself a favor and dont be that nice guy who makes a foolish mistake of not making a choice that benefits you and you only.

You should be selfish because at the end of the day not being selfish doesnt really benefit you that much, and even when it does, 9 times out of 10, being selfish is the right choice even if its morally wrong. Life is not a video game. Making somewhat morally wrong choices isnt going to give you a bad ending. Making sacrifices is what lifes all about. Obviously dont murder somebody or commit legit crimes or anything like that, thats not at all what Im saying.

All Im saying is that most of the time when you think you should do something even if its morally not the nicest thing to, then you should probably do it. Just saying. Please dont hate me for saying this Im just giving my honest opinion. Im not a sociopath, Im just a normal guy trying to live a normal life. But, there is also another thing out there called karma …. The other day I saw a mentally ill old man walking down the road by the bank. I went and picked up the money and kept it. I then walked home feeling like it was a lucky day.

I woke up the next day feeling terrible, so I transferred funds from my savings, and went out kinda hoping to find him. I have learned a valuable lesson, n basically that is just do the right thing. Nobody around, I pocketed it. Heading back to the car another couple dollars blew by and I stopped to pick those up.

Nuf said right? As I start to drive away I spotted a fold of money about 25 yards from where the first was found.

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Now I go to pick that up and a man comes out of the nearby restaurant appearing to look for something. I step out and catch a few bills, he picks up the rest and motion him to others in the wind. I chose to assume the earlier find was not related. He was very grateful.

I just found 40 beside the bank machine. I turned it into the teller at the bank. I dont need it. However when I was young I found a wallet with a more and I kept the money but returned the wallet anonymously. I should have returned it all but I desperately needed money. Return it if you can, but I do agree with some comments it is usually people with lots of money that carelessly lose it. The answer to what to do with found money if the owner is not immediately identifiable is to keep it, here is why.

It was in cash in a withdrawl envelop for a specific bank but otherwise nothing to identify the owner. I originally was going to keep it but felt bad for the owner and figured by calling the bank they could figure out who withdrew the money. Also even if it had been in their bank envelop the money could have already been given to a third party and then lost. Reluctanly, I brought it the the police, he seemed surprised, took down my info and info about where I found it. But the process felt informal. I asked what happens when the money is unclaimed.

He said in a year, it becomes mine.

I later checked the limit for time that police can hold unclaimed property in my state. It could be an honest mistake, and ultamitely the laws on found money in the state are not clear. But this leaves me with the option of attempting to clarify this…. Honestly I expected the bank to take more ownership of the process, especially since they are most likely to be able to identify the original owner.

I would definitely go back to the police and remind them that the law says unclaimed property must be turned over to the finder in one month. The law is on your side; there is no need to fear any repurcussions for pointing that out. I am a cashier at a Dollar Tree in Baltimore, Md making minimum wage.

Some of the people still in the store called me stupid and said I should have kept it that if that happened to me noone would have given it back to me. What do you think? I followed him all over the store trying to get his attention. I finally caught up with him and then gave it to him. Sadly, he did not even say thanks. That made me feel really hurt inside. I really wanted to return it but there was nobody around. So, my teenage daughter kept it. She was very happy about it. He says it wasnt that much, but that after he realized what it was he was terrified that it was drug money and that the cartel would be looking for him.

If it would have been me, i would have turned it in. On the day previous to my first day of teaching, the custodian brought up a large file cabinet for me to keep papers, books, etc. The cabinet was filthy with dust and cobwebs. I thought about what to do with it… Give it to the superintendent of schools?

Give it to the principal? Keep it? Money well spent! It was an overpayment receipt filled in with the name and address of the person receiving the refund. They have my address as well, they live across the parking lot from me. Still no response. How long do I wait before I just throw my hands up and give up? In my opinion, 30 days is more than enough. Enjoy your windfall! Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. So I kept the cash. Needless to say, by lunch time, every kid on campus knew about my good fortune.

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