Java 8 Lambdas: Pragmatic Functional Programming

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What are lambda functions? What is functional programming? Then use the results for something else. Perspective - for loops! You can use lambdas for some amazing stuff They returned from the ride With the lady inside And a smile on the face of the tiger. Java 8 is the new Groovy ;- import java. Arrays; import java. Built-in functional interfaces Built-in functional interfaces are a part of the java.

An easier path to functional programming in Java

Stream to transform or operate on the passed value and return a result. Predicate interface Stream. Predicate interface You can call test method on a Predicate object. Predicate interface: Example import java.


List; import java. Consumer interface Stream.

Consumer interface You can call accept method on a Consumer object. Consumer interface: Example import java. Stream; import java. Function interface import java. Function interface You can call apply method on a Function object. Function interface: Example import java. Supplier interface import java.

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Supplier interface Summary of built-in interfaces in java. Java 8 streams and parallel streams : Excellent example of applying functional programming in practice But what are streams? Streams are lazy! Parallel Streams I really really hate concurrency problems Parallel code Serial code Sometimes, dreams do come true even at 86 :- So, keep dreaming till you become 86!

Internally, parallel streams make use of fork-join framework Design Smells: Example Can I get rid of these parts?

Learn Java 8: Lambdas and Functional Programming

So What?! Refactoring for Date Replace inheritance with delegation Date, Calendar, and TimeZone Java 8 replaces these types Refactored Example … You can use only date, time, or even timezone, and combine them as needed!

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Important Methods in LocalDate LocalTime System. Important Methods in LocalTime Instant import java. Important Methods in Period The Java 8 date and time API differentiates how humans and computers use date- and time-related information. Orders usually ship within business days. Please contact the seller directly if you wish to return an order.

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